Mission Statement

Our Mission is To Harness Our Creativity Into Viable Solutions.

Gleam Consultants is a digital marketing firm that specializes in various forms of direct response mediums. We use highly targeted, extremely measurable, and completely interactive marketing to reach, convert, and deliver customers to local businesses.

Our digital marketing campaigns use search engine marketing, local video distribution, geo-targeted content syndication, local business listings, reputation marketing, and other behavioral targeting techniques which focus on delivering high-quality inquiries for your business.

Our expertise is not limited to digital technologies. We deliver marketing, sales, and business training to various industries in the service related industries.

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Our Promise

We deliver the highest quality service for the most cost effective price ensuring any small business the opportunity to have the backing of an ironclad marketing team of professionals at their service.

We take the guesswork and save you thousands from trial and error. We can save you from highly costly mistakes that you would make on your own and you benefit from the expertise we offer that were normally reserved for large companies.

Different companies rate their success rate differently. We base ours on whether our clients are happy. With virtually all our clients staying with us for the long-term, we find it safe to say they are extremely happy with our services.

We specialize in online direct call to action marketing. We use strategies and techniques that result in people picking up the phone and calling to get information about your services.

We want to make sure that our clients have the highest success rates possible. Our competitors will sell web form leads to 4-5 different companies at the same time. You many pay for leads you never get a hold of, chase people along with 4 others bombarding the customer, or even underbidding just so you can get the job. By offering exclusive leads, we can give you the best opportunity to closing more jobs!

Each client is assigned their very own tracking number and has access to the online portal. All calls are recorded and you can log in anytime to see all your call statistics and monitor the results.

We never want you to be unsatisfied. We have a very lenient return policy. No hassles for leads you feel you shouldn’t be billed for.

The benefit to you about buying leads of incoming calls is that we can only forward 1 call to 1 company. So yes, we do not resell leads.

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